Our Farm

Historic Bank Barn built in 1816

Edgewood Meadow Farm is a 104 acre farm located in the Pennsylvania German region about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. This historic region boasts strong German traditions, historic farms and lovely rolling landscapes. 

We have approximately 20 acres of lush pastures, in which the stocking population is kept low to maintain the quality of our pastures.

Our lush pastures provide excellent nutrition and exercise for our broodmares, foals, and riding horses. The pastures have been tested by noted Equine Nutritionist and Hanoverian Breeder, Dr Don Kapper, who commented that they "were some of the best and most nutritionally balanced pastures that he had ever tested".  All horses receive a balanced diet of high quality timothy, orchard grass, and alfalfa hays, along with a Ration Balancer pellet and free choice loose minerals. 

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