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Fall 2010

Year End

Bellatesse HTF had a very successful show season this year, with a 5th place in the Horse of the Year standings for Yearling fillies, with a median of 79.4%. For the AHS young fillies division which combines weanlings and yearlings, she placed in 6th place for the HOY.

Panache EMF was started under saddle and she has been a star! She is now an Elite Mare Candidate (EMC) after receiving excellent inspection and MPT scores from the AHS. She attended the largest MPT ever held by the AHS and was the top placing 3 year old (4th of 13 mares, 7.36 score). The 3 mares ahead of her were 4 and 5 years old and Panache EMF had the most consistent scores in all 3 phases (ie, she is an all arounder and not a specialist). She was also inspected by Katrin Berger, Deputy Director of the German Oldenberg Verband and noted professional rider (won World Breeder Championships FEI 5 year olds with French Kiss) with excellent results: an overall score of 7.5 and a Non-Oldenberg Mare of Distinction Award.

Dressage at Devon

Bellatesse HTF had a good showing at DAD this year, with a 7th place (77.3%)  finish in the Yearling filly class, which had 25 entries. She was very unimpressed by the DAD enviroment and thus did not feel the need to show the "big trot" that we know she has in her!

Fair Hill

Bellatesse HTF won her filly class (80.3%) on day 1, was Filly Champion, and was Reserve Grand Champion. On Day 2, she was 2nd in her class (79.4%) and was 3rd in the Filly Championship.

Fall 2009

Year End

EM Diotima was 5th for AHS Year End awards for Mature Mares with a median of 75%+.

Dressage at Devon

Our new filly, Bellatesse HTF was 3rd in the Fillies of 2009 class and 9th in the East Coast Filly Championship final (over 25 horses per class). Panache was 11th in her 2 year old filly classe (22 entries) after being a bit nervous for her first foray into the Dixon oval. EM Diotima was 8th in the Broodmare class with a 75.4%. Unforunately, Diotima was also a bit tight with a new handler that she was not familiar with and also in the Dixon oval so did not show as well as her outing at DAD last year.

Fair Hill

Panache was 2nd in her 2 year old filly class at both Fair Hill I and II shows and was Reserve Champion Filly both days. EM Diotima won her 1 Broodmare class and was 2nd in the other. She was overall Mare Champion and Mature Horse Champion. Both Panache and Diotima received scores of over 80% at Fair Hill I.

Fall 2008

Dressage at Devon

Panache was 10th (of 25) in the Yearling fillies class (77.3%) and 7th (of 27) in the 2 and under Hanoverian class (76.7%, tied for 6th place) at Dressage at Devon. Diotima was 3rd (of 16), with an 80.7% in the Broodmare class, placing behind 2 mares who have been Reserve or Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon and ahead of another mare who was also Grand Champion of Devon (and placed 4th in the 2008 class). Diotima showed super for her 2nd show in the US.

Other News -- Brittany Besier, who owns the 2004 colt Picasso EMF (Pablito - Fun Choice) emailed me new photos (see Sales page - click on Picasso's picture) and said "I just wanted to let you know that Picasso is doing amazing! I just started jumping him last month over little cross rails and he is already bored. He is learning very quickly and has done everything I have asked of him and more"

Summer 2008

Panache EMF was 1st and 2nd in her Yearling Filly classes at the USDF Morven Park sporthorse show in June. In the Hanoverian class against all age groups, she placed 4th. Panache was successful at Fair Hill with a 2nd and a 4th place. Fleuretta EMF had a successful debut in hunter breeding with one 1st and 3 second places at her first 2 shows. She created quite a buzz in the audience, who loved her beautiful hunter type.

September and October 2007

Although my horses were shown on a very limited amount in 2007, when they did show, they did excellent. I attended 2 shows in 2007, Dressage at Devon and the Midatlantic Hanoverian Breeders Club show. At DAD, my filly Panache EMF was 4th in the fillies of 2007 class, with a 79.4% (out of 30+ entered fillies). At the MAHB show, my mare SPA/EM Diotima, at her first show in the US, won her 6-year and older Mare class,won her 1A prize, won the overall Mare class, and was named the Reserve Champion of the entire show. Winning the Grand Championship of the MAHB show was the half sister of my mare Ghlycerine (both out of the same dam).



USDF ranks Ghlycerine as 3rd in the nation for 4yo fillies and was Reserve Champion Hanoverian Mare for AHS Year End Awards. She was Reserve Champion in the Great American USDF Regional Finals and 3rd in her class at Dressage at Devon. Under saddle, she was ranked 4th in the country for 4 and 5 year old Mare Materiale and was the only mare in the top 5 to be ridden by an amateur. Ghalewind is 16th in nation (USDF) for 3 year old fillies. Further, she was 2nd in the 3 year old filly class at Dressage at Devon. 

EMC Ghlycerine is a Grand Champion of Show yet again at the Fair Hill USDF sporthorse show!  This makes her a four time Grand Champion!  She has become Grand Champion at all the major USDF breed shows in Region 1 (Mid Atlantic).  Quite an accomplishment!  She was also highly placed in the 4 and 5 year old Materiale (under saddle) classes, garnering a 1st and two thirds during her first two times showing under saddle, with excellent scores ranging from 78-79% and piloted by her amateur owner (competing against professionals). 

Ghalewind's first outing of the season at Dressage at Lexington netted a 2nd place (74.5%) in the 3 year old filly class! 

November 2005


USDF ranks Ghlycerine as 6th in the nation for 3yo fillies.  Ghalewind is 14th in nation of 2 year old fillies.  These two fillies elevated Gold Luck to 4th position in the USEF Rankings for Dressage Breeding.   My horses have elevated me to the 6th leading owner in the USEF Rankings for Dressage Breeding.  They have also put their breeder, Mo Swanson of Rolling Stone Farm as the 3rd leading breeder behind Ken Bordon Jr and Hilltop Farm.    Ghlycerine was also placed 3rd nationally in the Young Horse Division - Fillies for the American Hanoverian Society Year End Awards.

September 2005

Dressage At Devon success!  Both Ghlycerine and Ghalewind attended DAD and competed with much success.  Ghlycerine was 3rd of 13 in the 3 year old fillies, won the Born in the USA award for her age group and was 5th in the Cosequin finals.  And she did all this despite only trotting for about 3 seconds on the triangle both times.  Imagine how well she could have done if she actually showed her trot to the judge!  Ghale, beyond my wildest expectations for her second show, was a superstar while in the ring.  She received a well deserved "8" on her trot and came in 5th of 21 in the 2 year old filles (Check out her AWESOME photos by Terri Miller on her web page!). 

Kaleidoscope attended her first horse show of the season, a USEA Horse Trials event where she competed in Open Novice.  This was her first time ever jumping cross country (and only have schooled about 3 xc fences ever) and she did GREAT with a 5th place in the competitive Open Novice Division.  To top it off, she did this event on the spur of the moment and had not done any jumping in the previous month.  The trainer had to scratch her horse and asked if Kaleidoscope could fill in since she had the spot.   Great result for a mare who has only shown hunters a little and has never jumped cross country!

July 2005

Ghlycerine was a star again!  In three out of 4 USDF breed shows, she has Qualified for the Cosequin Finals at DAD and has been named Grand Champion of Show.  An amazing, thrilling show year this has been!  In all four of her shows, she has always been 1st place in her age category (3 year old fillies).  In addition, at her AHS mare inpection, Ghlycerine was the AHS Hanoverian Mare Champion with a score of 7.83!  

June 2005

Ghlycerine was the Grand Champion of Show at VADA June Show and Grand Champion of Show Morven Park Breed show.  Along the way, she also was  Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, High Point Hanoverian,  winner of Hanoverian IBC and Born in the USA awards.  See her Mare Page for more details.

September 28-30, 2004

Dressage at Devon Update - Ghlycerine, 2002 AHS filly by ES Gold Luck out of EM Whispre was 3rd out of 22 Hanvoerians in the IBC 2 and under class at DAD with a score of 74%+.  She placed 11th out of 30  two year old fillies in the Open class (she showed her laid back personality in this class as she was half asleep - we had to 'fire her up' for the Hanoverian IBC and obtained a better placing).  Check out her Terri Miller pictures from DAD - link located on her Mare page.

August 28, 2004

Ghlycerine, 2002 AHS filly by ES Gold Luck out of EM Whispre, won both of her classes at the Fair Hill USDF Sport horse show with scores of 78.3% and 78.6%.  She was Champion of the 2 year old fillies (12 fillies in class) and Champion of the American Hanoverian IBC class (12 horses of all ages).  She placed ahead of Hilltop Farm's Cabana Boy - who would end up the Overall Reserve Grand Champion of DAD 2004.

August 22, 2004

Kaleidoscope, 2000 NAWPN filly by J Quest out of Fun Choice, was 1st and 3rd (actually tied for 2nd) at her first Dressage Show (one recognized by USDF) with a 66% and 64% in Training Level Test 1 and 2. 

July 29, 2004         

ES Pablito - Fun Choice xx 2004 Colt was  inspected  at the Rolling Stone Farm American Hanoverian Society Inspection and received his Hanoverian US Brand.  He was a trooper and very well behaved!  Many people came up to us and commented on his lovely modern type.  Please see our "For Sale " page for the AHS Inspector's comments.

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