Razzle Dazzle (Rio Grande - Rollicking xx - Roberto xx)

2002 Hanoverian

16.3 h

Branded AHS & approved GOV

Leased 2010-2011 (owner: M. Martin-Tucker)

Overall inspection score  = 7.0


Description of Bloodlines


Rio Grande won his stallion testing and scored equally high in jumping (134 pts) and dressage (130pts.). Rio Grande initially showed dressage, and as a 4 year old, he was Basic Dressage Champion at the Tournament of Champions. Later he showed in the Grand Prix jumper ring with Eric Lamaze, including being on Team Canada when they won the Nations Cup in New York and Toronto in 1995. Rio Grande also won an International Class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and was second place in the Shell Cup Derby at Spruce Meadows. Rio Grande's sire is Raphael who has produced several international show jumpers (Radiator, Robinson). Rio Grande has sired many of the best  Hunters currently showing in the United States such as Eye Remember Rio, Due North, Rave, Rio Bravo, Rio Bronco & Rio Renoir.



Razzle Dazzle's dam Green Valley Lady xx (Rollicking xx - Roberto xx - Roi Dagobert xx) was inspected and approved under the rigorous selection criteria of the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) and the German Oldenberg Verband (GOV). Previous to that, Green Valley Lady evented through Intermediate level. I have had multiple people who noted that I had Green Valley Lady daughter and they commented about how beautiful Green Valley Lady was and what an athlete she was when they had seen her eventing. Her pedigree is a very strong sport horse pedigree, with 10 lines to Bay Ronald, who has been an incredibly important line in both jumping and dressage pedigrees. She also directly traces to Owen Tudor through her sireline, in the same position as the successful Hanoverian approved thoroughbreds Lauries Crusador xx and Sunlight xx. Furthermore, she is linebred to Gainsborough, who is in the direct sireline of the Hanoverian approved Prince Thatch xx.



Green Valley Lady produced 2 AHS-registered daughters by Rio Grande: the older was top filly at her AHS inspection and became Elite Eligible as an adult, the younger, Razzle Dazzle, scored an overall 7 at her GOV inspection as an adult mare.


Soprano - Rio Grande


Sir Gregory - Rio Grande

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