EM Amethyst Q (Anhaltiner E - Leibniz - Bolero)

2003 Hanoverian

16.1 h

Leased for 2009-2011 (owner: D. Moore)


EM Rheporter (half sister to EM Ghlycerine, dam of our EM Panache EMF) and EM Amethyst Q (left/right)

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of MAHB Hanoverian Mare Show

Approved  EM book - AHS

5 consecutive generations of EM/SPS in mareline (including Amethyst)

Scored an 8.11 on her AHS MPT

Received 8 on Rideability & canter; 9's on jumping


Description of Bloodlines


EM Amethyst Q comes from a very successful damline which has produced 5 consecutive generations of EM/SPS mares in direct succession (6 overall in full damline). Her dam EM Lady L (Leibniz - Bolero) has produced multiple Elite Mares out of different stallions standing at Someday Soon Farm (ie, Weltbekant, Anhaltiner).  EM Lady L won under saddle at Devon and in hand, she was Reserve Champion Mare at Dressage at Devon for the USDF Championship series.  


The granddam, SPS Biggy (Bolero - Wendekreis) was bred by Hermann Meyer in Germany. This damline has produced 11 approved stallions. SPS Biggy is the full sister of the Celle stallion Bon Bonaparte, who was the sire of the 2008 Olympic Bronze medal horse, Bonaparte. The sire Anhaltiner E (Akzent II - Pik Bube) is an all arounder who sires successful jumping and dressage horses.  He himself has phenomenal jumping technique, which he passes on reliably (hence EM Amethyst Q's scores of 9 on jumping). He also passes on exceptional rideability and 3 quality gaits (hence EM Amethyst's scores of  8 on rideabilty and canter, and 7s on trot and walk).




EM Amethyst Q was inspected as 3 year old and was entered into the AHS Main Studbook as an Elite Eligible mare with the score of 7.14, receiving 8s for her forelegs and correctness of gaits.  She took her mare performance test in October 2008, where she became an Elite Mare Candidate, receiving 8s for her canter and rideability, and 9s for her jumping technique and ability, with 7s on all other components.  With her final score of 8.11, Amethyst Q was the champion mare of her performance test. Based upon AHS MPT records for the entire period 1994-2004 only 11 mares exceeded her score.  Amethyst Q is in the top 2.2% of all of the 907 mares that have taken the MPT from 1994 through 2007.  Also, she's tied for the 17th highest overall jumping score for that entire period.  In November 2008, Amethyst Q took 2nd place in the Free-Jumping Competion sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Hanoverian Breeders club, earning straight "9s" (out of 10) for her scope, jumping technique, canter and overall impression (athleticism and suitability as a grand prix jumper).  EM Amethyst Q was also Reserve Grand Champion of the MAHB Mare Show.




2010 Wolkentanz II - EM Amethyst Q filly

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Top Colt at the Callaway Farm American Hanoverian Society Inspection

Wolkenmyst - colt born May 2011

DSC 0797.JPG.w560h369.jpg

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